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  1. Ro/Eng Ro: Numele tau pe joc si pe discord: Rank-ul pe care il ai: Motivul pentru care ai facut raport-ul: Despre cine ii vorba: Numele si grad-ul lui: Data/ora cand s-a intamplat: Dovada: Filmare Obligatorie: Eng: Your name on the game and on the discord: Rank you have: Reason for making the report: Who is it about: His name and rank: Date / time it happened: Proof: Filming Required: Ro: Puteti sa luati orice model dar de preferat sa luati cel pe care cunoasteti mai bine sa vorbiti!! ENG: You can take any model but preferably take the one you know best to talk about !!
  2. ENG: Minecraft Staff Applications: 1: How old are you? 2. How long have you been playing minecraft? 3. How well do you know the rules? 4. If you will be a staff member with us, what makes you different from others? 5. Are you aware that at the slightest mistake you will be fired, right? RO: Aplicatii Staff Minecraft: 1: Cati ani ai? 2. De cat timp joci minecraft? 3. Cat de bine cunosti regulamentul? 4. Daca o sa fi membru staff la noi ce te deosebeste fata de altii? 5. Esti constient ca la ceea mai mica greseala o sa fi dat afara nu?
  3. Ro: Dupa ce ai donat trebuie sa completezi mai jos cu astea: Data/ora: Numele pe joc: Dovada cu donatia: Numele cu care ai donat: Preturi VIP full: Flyer: Grad-ul se poate dobandi cu 2 euro lunar, si va avea acces la fly. MVP: Cand se doteaza peste 6 euro primeste grad-ul de MVP (Donator). Ce contine Fly + un kit !! Vip: Grad-ul se poate cumpara cu 3 euro permanent pana se da wipe la server. Legend: Grad-ul se poate dobandi cu 10 de euro permanent pana se da wipe la server. Vip: Acces la /kit pentru Vip , /fly , /skull MVP: Acces la /kit, /fly, /skull , /ec (enderchest) ,/heal, /keepinventory /suicide Legend: Acces la /kit /fly /skull , /ec /vanish /heal , /repair , /enchant ,/speed (chose speed) ,/keepinventory Donatiile se fac la Happy pe site-ul: https://streamlabs.com/iamhappycozx/tip Eng: After you have donated you must complete the following below: Date / time: Name on the game: Proof of donation: Name you donated: Full VIP prices: Flyer: The degree can be obtained for 2 euros per month, and will have access to the fly. MVP: When he is endowed with more than 6 euros, he receives the degree of MVP (Donor). What does Fly + a kit contain !! Vip: The degree can be bought for 3 euros permanently until you wipe the server. Legend: The degree can be acquired for 10 euros permanently until you wipe the server. Vip: Access to /kit for Vip, /fly, /skull MVP: Access to /kit, /fly, /skull, /ec (enderchest), /heal, /keepinventory /suicide Legend: Access to /kit /fly /skull, /ec /vanish /heal, /repair, /enchant, /speed (chose speed), /keepinventory Donations are made to Happy on the website: https://streamlabs.com/iamhappycozx/tip
  4. Ip: Port:25565 (for phone , tablet , xbox etc)
  5. Ro: Daca doriti sa ne ajutati cu serverul de minecraft aveti doua site-uri: 1. https://minecraft-mp.com/server/295471/vote/ 2. https://minecraft-mp.com/server-s295471 Eng: If you want to help us with the minecraft server you have two sites: 1. https://minecraft-mp.com/server/295471/vote/ 2. https://minecraft-mp.com/server-s295471
  6. Ro: Update facut: Mapa pentru arena. Puteti folosi /warp arena Omuleti noi pusi la spawn Optimizare server si plugin. Ip: Port:25565 (for phone , tablet , xbox etc) Eng: Update done: Map for the arena. You can use /warp arena New spawning men Server and plugin optimization. Ip: Port: 25565 (for phone, tablet, xbox etc)
  7. Ro: Cine foloseste hack pe server va fi banat instantaneu! /tpa ucide interzis strict. Rasism , cearta intre membri cat si staff dar si invers interzisa. Se sanctioneaza cu 1/3 prima data. Orice batjocura catre un membru o sa fie sanctionata cu 1/3 prima data. Pe chat se vorbeste pe ce limba doreste fiecare!! Serverul este facut in engleza dar nu trebuie neaparat sa vorbesti in Engleza. 1. Egalitatea este primordială. Nimeni nu este mai presus, indiferent că faci parte din STAFF sau ești DONATOR! 2.Respectă și vei fi respectat! Nu iți este permis să jignești alti membri, tpa + kill nu este permis se pedepseste prima data cu warn dupa se da ban. 3.X-rayul nu este permis nici alte metode de trisat 4.Staff-ul este obligat sa vina pe discord si sa intra pe voice daca sunt chemati 5.Staff-ul trebuie sa ceara dovezi daca sa dat tpa-kill. 6.Ca membru staff mc trebuie sa ajuti comunitatea si sa dai mute daca: jignirea staff-ului,jignire intre membri,cearta. ENG: Anyone using the hack on the server will be banned instantly! / tpa kill strictly forbidden. Racism, quarrel between members and staff, but vice versa forbidden. It is sanctioned with 1/3 the first time. Any mockery of a member will be penalized 1/3 the first time. Chat is spoken in whatever language everyone wants !! The server is made in English but you don't have to speak English. 1. Equality is paramount. No one is above, whether you are part of STAFF or you are a DONOR! 2. Respect and you will be respected! You are not allowed to offend other members, tpa + kill is not allowed it is punished the first time with warn after it is given ban. 3.X-ray no other cheating methods are allowed 4. The staff is forced to come to disagreement and enter the voice if called 5. The staff must ask for evidence if tpa-kill was given. 6. As a member of the MC staff, you must help the community and move on if: staff insult, insult between members, quarrel. (edited)
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